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Stay Focused, Work Hard… or choose something new?

Posted by ima-manchester on 15th January 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to our latest blog. This year I shall be trying to keep up with regular blogs, just like before. I do apologise that I was not so active last year. Unfortunately, sometimes I get so busy that I neglect to do simple things like this, as I am usually on the […]

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Five Reasons Why you should quit the gym and train Jiu-Jitsu instead… yes you!!…. I mean Everyone!!

Posted by ima-manchester on 15th May 2019

Hello Everyone, Thanks again for checking in and taking the time to read the blog. Firstly I’d like to apologise for missing last month. I have reasons… but no excuses!… please forgive me! So… without further a do I’d like to get straight into it. This is something that I’ve always thought of for a […]

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Ask A Question… the way to learn more effectively.

Posted by ima-manchester on 15th March 2019

Hello Everyone, Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. This month I would like to talk about an approach to training that I have always adopted, regardless of what style it was. But is so important now, more than ever before. Since I began my martial arts journey almost 25 years ago, […]

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Jiu-Jitsu For Everyone… A public statement.

Posted by ima-manchester on 15th February 2019

Hello Everyone, Thank you once again for taking the time to read this blog. This month I feel quite saddened by the content of this blog, though I do feel that I have to address some issues that have arisen recently. What you are about to read may strike a chord with many of you, […]

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My Personal BJJ philosophy

Posted by ima-manchester on 21st January 2019

In this month’s blog I’d like to expand a little further on my own personal philosophy with regards to BJJ. As many of you know; my favourite place to be is top side control! However, in this blog I would like to explain a little more about how and why I came to this conclusion. […]

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I can beat Usain Bolt!

Posted by ima-manchester on 17th December 2018

In a grappling match… of course! No problems! BUT… I’m talking about a sprint! Yes it’s true. I can actually beat him over 100m. Provided I start about 10m away from the finish line! (Not so sure if I might need to say 5m actually; I really am awful at sprinting). So there you have […]

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The toughest battles of all.

Posted by ima-manchester on 15th November 2018

Hello Everyone! Thank you very much for taking the time to read this! Firstly, may I begin with an apology for my lack of presence in the classes recently. I have been going through some rather complicated, and difficult times with my daughter’s health (both physical and mental). Thankfully, we are now on the mend […]

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This too shall pass

Posted by ima-manchester on 15th October 2018

This month I would like to start the blog off with a short story that was passed to me last week. The short story carries a very important message for life, and as usual, also relates to jujitsu! (Doesn’t everything?). Happy reading! A rich old man died leaving two sons. They decided to separate; dividing […]

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R.I.F. and L.M.F.

Posted by ima-manchester on 15th September 2018

When I was at senior school I was fortunate enough to have met a truly incredible teacher who shaped my life as a teenager, and a young adult. His words still resonate in my mind now. Despite his unfortunate passing away many years ago, his wise words of Yorkshire wisdom I still apply to my […]

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An Interview With Female Fighter: Anna Laffin

Posted by ima-manchester on 15th August 2018

Hello everyone! Welcome to our blog again! This month we have taken a slight change of pace, and done something a little different. In this blog I have taken the time out to interview one of our very own female fighters. Anna’s story is truly great, and she is very well respected in the academy […]

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