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Mark Elliott

Mark is the Chief Instructor here at Impact Martial Arts Academy. He follows the JKD philosophy of researching many different arts, to find the ultimate truth in combat. This has led him to study extensively in the arts of Silat, many different styles of Kali, several styles of Thai Boxing, Combatives, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, CQC, and more recently Catch Wrestling; all with many of the World’s best teachers.

Mark has always believed in testing his skills in whatever field; and has fought in many different formats including: Karate Tournaments, Stick Fighting Competitions, Full Pro Mixed Martial Arts, European BJJ Championships, and Extreme Low Armour Full Contact Stick Fighting.

Mark is a first degree black belt in BJJ and many other qualifications and instructor grades in many styles and arts. He is also a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, which he regularly uses to help his students, particularly with those that wish to compete. Mark is also a qualified instructor in the latest type of hormonal weight loss exercise called Metabolic Effect.

Mark holds a full enhanced DBS check, and is fully licensed and insured. He is ICP6 qualified and currently studying ICP Legacy. He is first aid trained.

Przemyslaw Szczepanski

Meet Przemyslaw Szczepanski... or Prem, for short. Prem is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and has been training in the martial arts since 2007. He enjoys JKD, Muay Thai and BJJ. He is also an active competitior on the BJJ circuit. Some of his achievements are:

Purple belt:
2014-Noth West Open-Bronze & Absolute-Bronze
2014-Nottingham Open-Silver
2015-Manchester Open-Bronze
2015-Blackpool Open No Gi-Bronze
MMA record:1-0-0

Black Belt:
UAEJJF British Nationals 2019 - Bronze
IBJJF British Nationals 2019- Bronze (no-gi)
IBJJF British Nationals 2019 - Double Silver

Prem is a very fun and friendly guy, and is a welcomed member of the team. He assists in the children's classes, and also the fundamentals classes. He teaches his own Open Mat class, and also is responsible for the preparation of all competitors in the competition training class. He is also available for private tuition.

He is fully licensed and insured and has a full enhanced DBS check. He is GB certified black belt and trained in ICP6. He is also first aid qualified.

Richard Walsh

Coach Rich is a valuable member of the coaching team. He is a regular class assistant to the Little Champions 2 class and also assists in the GB1 classes.

He started training Jiu Jitsu in September 2016, and is currently a third degree blue belt. Prior to training he was a well decorated endurance athlete, and is still regularly doing marathons and endurance swims. He has competed many times in BJJ earning a silver medal at he North West Open in 2017.
More recently he took a silver medal at the 2019 UAEJJF British Nationals.

Some of his achievements outside of BJJ include:

2007 – Swimming – 50 miles in 43 hours in the major lakes in the Lake District
2009 – Swimming – 125 miles in 5 days down the River Thames
2013 – Running – 24 miles in 6 hours Yorkshire Dales 3 Peaks
2013 – Running – 62 miles in 23 hours Ultimate Trails Ultra in the Lake District
2014 – Walking – Kilimanjaro in 6 days via the Machame Route
2015 – Running – 69 miles in 20 hours Ultimate Trails Ultra in the Lake District
2016 – Running – 75 miles of the Lakeland100 (timed–out)
2016 – Running – 50 miles in 15 hours Dusk til Dawn Ultra in Peak District

Coach Rich's DBS check is currently being processed. He has committed to undertake ICP & First Aid training later this year.

Chris Royle

Coach Chris is a first degree blue belt, and assists with Little Champs 2 class and GB1 class. He is a very active competitor and has achieved the following:

White Belt:
Manchester Open 2018 - Bronze
Blackpool Open 2018 - Silver (weight) & Bronze (absolute)
North West Open 2018 - Gold
UAEJJF British National Pro 2019 - Gold

Blue Belt:
IBJJF British Nationals 2019 - Silver

Coach Chris' favourite technique is the triangle submission.

Coach Chris' DBS is currently being processed. He has committed to undertake ICP and First Aid training later in the year.

Gabriel Cardoso Lopes

Anne Moloney

Andrew Wilde

"Andy" is a very talented martial artist and a great instructor. He specialises in the arts of Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai and Harimau Berantai Silat. He also has experience in other styles of Silat, Kali and also some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He originally got involved in the martial arts after his (then girlfriend) wife started training in our classes. After she went home one day after class she showed him what she had learned, and easily disarmed a knife from him and threw him to the floor and locked him up. From that moment on he has been training, and is one of our longest serving students and a fantastic instructor with extensive knowledge and great skills.
Andy is licensed and insured, and available for private tuition upon request.

Reiss Lee