Gracie Barra Trafford Quays

3rd, Floor, The Bridegwater Mill, Legh Street, Eccles, Greater Manchester, M30 0UT.

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Tel: 07843304308


Gracie Barra Trafford Quays is dedicated to providing a safe and positive learning environment for children and adults alike. As part of this practise we have recently achieved the Safeguarding Code “Tick”. This is proof that we have done as much as we can (and continue to do so) to protect children and vulnerable adults as much as possible. To view our certificate please click the link below.

Safeguarding Code_Safeguarding Code Certificate

More information for Parents and Carers can be found at the following link below.

Professor Mark Elliott is the adcademy’s designated Welfare Officer.

To raise any issues or concerns you have regarding safeguarding he can be contacted via the following:
Call or Text: 078434 304 308
Facebook: DM @Gracie Barra Trafford Quays
Instagram: DM @graciebarratraffordquays
Or in person at the academy, where he can be found most days.

In cases where the issue is related directly to Prof Mark then you must contact the Salford LADO at the following:

Steve Westhead or Liz Peppiatt
Call: 0161 603 4350

Copies of our Safe Practise and Safeguarding Policies for adults and children can be found at the link below. If you wish to have your own copy please feel free to ask. Permanent copies are also held inside the academy.